Red River Women

A serious issue of the stigma around aboriginal women happening in Canada every day. I ask myself many times how can this be happening in 2015?

Dozens of Canadian Aboriginal women go missing or are murdered every year. This sickens me to the core.

Here is an exert from the BBC – Red River Women:

The serial killer Shawn Lamb, convicted in Winnipeg in 2013 of murdering two Aboriginal women (and the prime suspect in another case) described them as “the perfect victim” because no-one seemed to care if they went missing.

There is an underlying notion that aboriginal women are expendable. How can we let this continue?

How can we help, it all starts with awareness and acknowledgement. As individuals and communities we need to stop victim blaming and find solutions to stop the men responsible for the killings.

Check out the hashtag for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women #MMIW


for more information.


Sara’s Freedom Dog Park

Round 2 of voting starts today till November 3rd! Every vote is much appreciated!


We are starting a new initiative here in Cochrane Ontario to open a leash free dog park. Our idea is now on Aviva’s Community Fund challenge and we are looking for votes! You can vote everyday once a day for each round! Every vote would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Dreaming of Summer

I know I can`t wait for summer, but I am also a little afraid of all the bugs we are going to be fighting off this summer. It definently will be interesting at the least!