From a Southern Ontario City to the beautiful great white North! Learning to cope to the big move, while holding onto my values and dreams! Everyday I am experiencing many new experiences and challenges of being a Northerner.

I am involved in many different activities from being a Girl Guide Leader to participating in my local Roller Derby Gurlz!


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  1. Hey! I found you because I was browsing the Feminist Friday tag, and I’m very happy to find you. I would have left this on the Whedon quote, but couldn’t figure out how to comment on the post. I’m hosting a Feminist Friday discussion that several of my friends have helped me promote all week, and at last count, three of them have their own posts today as well. If you’d like to follow the discussion, or even join in, you can find us here. http://sourcererblog.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/is-feminism-a-politically-useful-label-any-more-feministfriday-discussion/

    It’s a very friendly sort of chat.

      • Cool! I saw your follow while ago. I’m happy to talk with you here about feminism, too.

        Everyone on that thread is either a personal acquaintance or a blogger I’ve been following long enough to have a ton of respect for. If you’re looking to expand your circle of acquaintances, the bloggers I mention in that post and the ones commenting on the thread are a good group.

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