Pursuit of a Roller Derby Name

I feel that there are so many aspects of myself that no one word could really describe who I am. It took me months to find a name that I really loved and to be honest I didn’t even think it up. My house was littered with sticky notes filled with words that I liked and felt represented me as a person. It definitely gave me time to reflect on myself for sure. In the end it came down to my last name, which most people accidently pronounce as steer when they first read it out loud, with this my fellow derby gurl suggested Steer Clear. I loved it right away, but decided to sleep on it overnight. Of course I couldn’t get it out of my head all night so it became a clear (ha ha) choice, Steer Clear is my name! I always find life has an interesting way of figuring things out and this is just another example.

If you need any help picking out your Derby name here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Make it Memorable. Find a name that the audience can easily remember and come back to cheer for you time and time again!

2. Do you want it PG? As an active volunteer in my community, I work with kids who are at a very influential age. Also I would love to have my Godson’s cheer for me as well (without getting in trouble from their mom). So I stuck to something on the PG side.

3. Avoid Similarity. You don’t want to be getting confused with other skaters, especially on your own team.

4. Test it Out. Try it out on your Derby team, friends and family to see how they feel. Remember though your choice is final.

5. Get Registered. Don’t forget to register so that no one else scoops up the name before you do!

Why not go out on a limb? That is where the fruit is!

Good luck!


One comment on “Pursuit of a Roller Derby Name

  1. Good advice – love the name! I’m totally stumped for one…hoping for an epiphany at some point soon – everything I’ve come up with so far is taken! x

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