Rachel Caine @rachelcaine tweeted Your gender does not define or limit you. Reach for greatness. Fight for it every day, in every way you can.

I couldn’t help but immediately share this tweet the moment I read it! I couldn’t agree more, also this doesn’t just go out to the girls out there but to everyone and whichever gender you may choose to identify with. Don’t be limited by the stereotypes and labels others may give you!

Keep your heads up!

Happy Feminist Friday! ūüôā


For the Love of Dog Parks!

Design by Robert Stere

Design by Robert Stere

We are currently trying to raise funds to build a dog park in Cochrane, Ontario. This is a great community with many people who have a love for their dogs! The Town of Cochrane had graciously given us land to build on and have helped with brushing the land. They have also offered us some left over fencing that they are no longer using (yeah to reusing)! We have a lot of work ahead of us this spring to pull together and create a wonderful little haven for dogs to safely interact in.

Please help support Cochrane’s Dog Park Fundraiser and purchase a shirt today! Only available for 24 days!

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I Walk for Wildlife!

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Not only does walking help lower your risk of heart disease and other health issues, but now you can walk to help raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Wildlife Federation. As Canadians, we are so lucky to be surrounded by so much beautiful wild spaces and wonderful species. And I want to keep it that way, I do not want to see any of my favourite species go extinct or any species at all really.

I introduce you to the Walk for Wildlife, a national campaign that encourages Canadians to get outdoors and experience the wildlife that makes Canada what it is! The campaign runs from April 10 – May 31 and the theme for this year is Wild Migrations. The campaign raises money and awareness for the Canadian Species suffering from loss of habitat that can hinder their natural migrations. This campaign features 20 different species that are at risk. To find out more about these species and how you can help visit http://cwf-fcf.org/nww/en/about/

I Walk for Wildlife, will you?

Art Inspiration

I found this beautiful Art Inspiration today while I was perusing facebook and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the sculptures are. I have always wanted to take a class on sculptures, because of my current location there isn’t a studio close by enough for me to take one. The artist’s name is Ellen Jewett and she is from Ontario. Check out her work below in the link, it speaks for itself!


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How do I define Feminism? I want to define what feminism means to me, mostly because to me I feel that feminism has become so much more than the fight for equal rights for women. Plus I like to call myself a feminist, but I don’t want someone to just think I am a cookie cutter version of what they think feminism is.

For me Feminism has evolved into so much more than equal rights for women. Basically I see it as Human Rights for all, no matter your race, religion, gender, age, etc. (this includes¬†LGBTQ).¬†And it’s that simple to me. It’s funny how simple of a concept it is to me¬†and it baffles me how some¬†others can not open their minds enough to treat the entirety of the human race as equal.

Kate Nash

What an amazing world this would be if we all tried a little harder. I encourage everyone to try to be less judgmental, more open minded, treat others with respect and equality.

Happy Feminist Friday Everyone!

Fresh Meat ~ And the Training Begins

I found this great post about being Fresh Meat. Check it out: Fresh to Death: Three Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Fresh Meat.

So much of it I am trying to adapt to my life at this point. More training and better eating on top of my everyday life. Creating a schedule to follow each week definitely helps me out to become more motivated and not become lazy (which I tend to be in this chilly winter season). I am quite excited for my long weekend and since I am alone with my furbabies this Easter, I will have plenty of time to get my workout on!

A few things that I have been specifically trying to tackle is loosening up my hip flexors, strengthening my knees, and working my way up to big girl push ups (I can really only do one at this point).

I also find I spend so much time of my day sitting, as I sit and type all day at work then come home mentally exhausted and all I want to do is relax on the couch. So now I am trying to add a bit of stretches and exercises that I can do for a few minutes at my desk everyday to help loosen up my muscles and minimize back pain from sitting so long.

Below are a few links that have some tips and tricks to help out with a few of these issues.




Push Ups

Happy Training!

Pursuit of a Roller Derby Name

I feel that there are so many aspects of myself that no one word could really describe who I am. It took me months to find a name that I really loved and to be honest I didn’t even think it up. My house was littered with sticky notes filled with words that I liked and felt represented me as a person. It definitely gave me time to reflect on myself for sure. In the end it came down to my last name, which most people accidently pronounce as steer when they first read it out loud, with this my fellow derby gurl suggested Steer Clear. I loved it right away, but decided to sleep on it overnight. Of course I couldn’t get it out of my head all night so it became a clear (ha ha) choice, Steer Clear is my name! I always find life has an interesting way of figuring things out and this is just another example.

If you need any help picking out your Derby name here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Make it Memorable. Find a name that the audience can easily remember and come back to cheer for you time and time again!

2. Do you want it PG? As an active volunteer in my community, I work with kids who are at a very influential age. Also I would love to have my Godson’s cheer for me as well (without getting in trouble from their mom). So I stuck to something on the PG side.

3. Avoid Similarity. You don’t want to be getting confused with other skaters, especially on your own team.

4. Test it Out. Try it out on your Derby team, friends and family to see how they feel. Remember though your choice is final.

5. Get Registered. Don’t forget to register so that no one else¬†scoops up the name before you do!

Why not go out on a limb? That is where the fruit is!

Good luck!