Why Roller Derby?

There are many reasons why I love Roller Derby. First of all it is an awesome way to exercise and motivate yourself to get fit. It also is a great way to meet many awesome hardworking people. Derby requires all your focus at practices (and of course at bouts as well), so you have no time to dwell on other issues going on in your life e.g. work problems etc. When you’re doing something that difficult, you can’t afford 13 seconds of dwelling because in that time someone will either out-skate you or knock you to the ground. After practice you suddenly realize two hours went by where you weren’t worried about the things that keep you up at night. In addition with all the extra dopamine pouring into your brain it makes you feel naturally happy. Derby makes you step out of the box and push yourself to get better. It gives you increased confidence in your daily life and the initiative to work harder.At each challenge that you succeed in Derby it makes you feel like you can conquer the world and there is no better feeling than this. Personally, I can not get enough of Roller Derby! From the moment I started I loved it, even though I could barely skate. Now I am starting to fly around the track! And I couldn’t be more proud and happy to be apart of something so awesome. Now off to watch some Whip it!

by Jessica Stere

by Jessica Stere


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