Roller Derby ~ Fresh Meat

Afternoon Everyone,

It has been about six months since I have first tried Roller Derby. At the moment I am working on my minimum requirements to be able to play in a scrimmage. So far Roller Derby has been such a blast and I have already met such great people who are energetic and truly one of a kind! Roller Derby has been such an amazing discovery for me, as I like to be physically active and part of a team, but have not had the chance to join much since moving. Every time I come home from practice I am beaming with delight (even when I was so sore I could barely move)!

My Derby Story:
I have a friend who was in Derby and kept telling me how awesome the group is and how great of a sport Derby really was. I was on the fence about it for a long time, not sure if it really was the sport for me, since I had no skating capabilities at all. During a night of volunteering for the festival in town I had a chance to talk to one of the Derby Coaches in town. He immediately asked if I was interested and told me all about Derby and how to play. I left the night with his business card. I kept the card on my nightstand on my bedside table before I approached my friend interested in trying it out.
My first practice: As the derby season had just ended my first practice was very quiet with only a few members present. I feel that this was a good thing for me as I would be described as Bambi learning to walk on ice like mentioned before no skating capabilities at all. The very first thing you learn in Derby is how to fall properly (onto your protective pads), that way you don’t hurt yourself. This I did pretty well with only a few falls that hurt because I was not in Derby stance.
It took a few weeks before I became more excited and less nervous to go to attend. Even at the beginning, the adrenaline after each practice was pretty high. I fell in love with skating! Now I am working hard to get better and become more fit.

by Jessica Stere

Design by Jessica Stere

If you are interested in Derby and want to know more, you can visit


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