FLorence Carlyle ~ My Inspiration

For as long as I could remember, Florence Carlyle has been my most favourite artist. Florence was born in Galt, Ontario in 1864 and moved to Woodstock, Ontario in 1867 where she took her first art classes under Paul Peel. Moved she moved from Woodstock to study in France. She came back to Woodstock and opened a studio where she taught art. After she continued to travel and open up other studios. She moved to England in 1912 and sold paintings for the Red Cross during the first World War. She remained in England and died in 1923.
Being born and raised in Woodstock myself, I grew up going to the art gallery where the largest collection of Florence Carlyle paintings are kept. I loved visiting the numerous exhibitions and I always checked out the Florence Carlyle room every time. The Woodstock Art Gallery has since moved to a larger more central location and features the Carlyle Gallery on the first floor. If you would like to know more information about the Woodstock Art Gallery you can visit their website at http://www.woodstockartgallery.ca/
I couldn’t imagine the barriers Florence had to go through to become a significant female professional artist. With self-determination and an independent spirit she was able to achieve this.


The Tiff

The Tiff



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