Dreaming of Summer

I know I can`t wait for summer, but I am also a little afraid of all the bugs we are going to be fighting off this summer. It definently will be interesting at the least!


Beat the Blues!

So if you are anything like me you are getting tired of this constant winter we are having. It has now been SIX months of winter!!! Yes, I have been counting. As I am typing, it is currently snowing outside and all I want to do is curl up and hibernate. But since I am not a bear this is not allowed, I must keep moving forward! So I decided to think up some awesome ways for my to beat the blues! It was suggested to me by my boyfriends mom that I should throw a Luau! I thought this was an awesome idea, but since I do not have that many friends in town yet I thought that I should find some simpler things to do using similar concepts.

Day 1: Bright and Colourful

I challenged myself to be bright and colourful to brighten my thoughts!

I decided to embrace my artsy fartsy side and create a piece of artwork that was full of colour and life! Being super creative I grabbed a canvas, crayons, black paint and my hair dryer. I started by painting a simple silhouette then melting crayons down the white of my canvas! I had so much fun with one that I decided a second was definently needed.

tree      031

Day 2:  Cheery and LOUD!

This next challenge was to surround myself with fun, happy songs that remind my of summer and just made me want to dance all day long. And because of the person I am, a little dressing up when I am just hanging at home almost always happens when I am listening to my favourite summer jams!

Day 3: Yummy (need I say more)

During winter I find myself eating heavy foods that make me feel like sleeping all day. So I challenged myself to eat more fruit and veggies in creative ways that just make me want to FIESTA, instead of siesta. Making sure that you eat right will definently make a difference on your mood! Vitamins help give you energy and are proven to help lower stress! Deficiencies in certain vitamins can make you moody and groggy, so why not have some fun and make some creative snacks for yourself that are also good for you!

Day 4: Excersize

I know how hard it is sometimes to normally motivate yourself to get some excersize, but in the winter it seems to be even ten times harder for me to get my bum into gear! I have noticed even taking the dog out for a walk has been giving me more energy than normal. Plus she gets to get out of the house as well, so it is a win-win situation here! Even if you don`t want to go out in the snow for a walk, many municipalities and indoor activities that you can get yourself involved in to get active. We have a great complex here that offers so much, but my favourite is of course the pool! The water is so warm and nice it feels like you are on a tropical beach! Plus it has lovely decorations that make you feel so comfortable.

Day 5: Socialize

Remember that staying cooped up all by yourself is no way to live, no matter who you are. Try getting a friend or two to come over to play some games and just hang out, trust me it will make a big difference on your mood! You can do anything from playing a board game to having a movie night! Even when you are down it is better to get out there and laugh a little with friends!

Don`t forget to just let loose and have some fun! Because  you deserve it!